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We at VIJO Content Production operate worldwide and are based in Dubai, UAE. Over the past few years we've worked with an extensive client base from a variety of industries with the primary goal of producing compelling videos that inspire, educate, and engage with audiences.
We have a lot of experience with many international brands and know exactly what our customers need - from professional video content to personal branding to digital marketing. Be it a single camera interview shoot or a full-fledged multi-camera shoot for an international commercial, we know exactly how to deal with your most demanding video production requirements.
As a video company originally from Austria, Europe based in Dubai, we offer our ideas and know-how to make your videos a success. Whether you're promoting a new product or just wanting to capture the highlights of your annual corporate event, our specially crafted videos are great for getting any message across in a fascinating way.

Our services

Advertising trailer

 Would you like to present your product in the form of an advertising film/trailer? Then contact us or fill out the form. 

Cinematic footage

You want your product to stand out from the rest? Cinematic recordings and the right editing make the trailer an absolute eye-catcher.

Company trailer

Because we're experienced, reliable, and focused on results, we've had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic clients.


Video recordings are always a better way to put yourself back into a situation. That's why we want to capture your special day in a very special way.

Business Trailer - Nodale Consulting

We captured Alberto Nodale on a two-day coaching course in Vienna.

Exclusive Networks x Fortinet

We filmed an introductory video for Exclusive Networks and Fortinet.

Skinbeauty - Jungle Shower

We filmed a short mood video for our skincare partner Skinbeauty.

Unique Europe - Dress Party

A company with beautiful dresses reached out and wanted to have a beautiful reel. So we created this one!

Wedding video - Teresa & Matthias

We spend a magical day with Teresa and Matthias and captured their wedding.

Greenforce Reel

We filmed an advertisement Instagram Reel for Greenforce.

Hotel Video

A hotel needed our professional eye! That's why we created this video.

Drone video

Jonathan is a real PRO when it comes to drones! Feel free to check out more videos.