Why do we offer coachings?

We have acquired so much knowledge over the last few years that we would like to share with you! We run two successful Instagram profiles ourselves, a lucrative online shop, create social media courses for companies and are the heads of an advertising agency specialized in videos. So we know what is important to lead and market a successful brand / company.


We offer a specialized 1:1 coaching lasting several weeks. In which we focus directly on your problems and get rid of them once and for all!


We also offer exclusive coaching for companies. Everything about social media and content creation is here in the foreground! 


As said, we both run successful Instagram profiles and Viviane in particular has a lot of experience as an successful influencer. 


And of course we would also like to help those who are at the very beginning and need an expert opinion.

How would a coaching look like?

First and foremost, we're going to look at your status quo! Where are you right now, where do you see your weaknesses, how can we help you. In which areas would you like to expand your skills and how afine are you already with social media.

Our free e-Book

But in order to be at your side immediately and to master the first problems in the Instagram area, you can download our free e-book on the subject 'How to create a successful brand on Instagram'  here!

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